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My Vision Statement

My Vision

It is my vision of working to get the church to carry on the ministry of reconciliation, according to the Great Commission of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

We are to reach out to those in need, seek for the salvation of those who are lost, and minister the gospel to those in our community and to all those who know not Christ.

We are to both win others to Christ and to build disciples.

This is to be done through the establishment of
deep relationships for the purpose of encouragement, accountability, and admonishment.

All this should happen within the context of the ideal of
fellowship rooted and grounded in the agape love of Christ.

This vision involves building strong leaders from among faithful
men and women who will in turn teach others.

The main goals are as follows:

  1. to create and promote a Christian worldview
  2. to obey without compromise the truth of God in every area of life
  3. to strengthen the families
  4. to build good marriage relationships
  5. to evangelize and disciple the adults and children
  6. to minister to the needy
  7. to support and engage in mission work at home and abroad
  8. to assemble for corporate worship and fellowship
  9. to develop everyone’s personal devotion to Christ

My Leadership

My Leadership Style

I have served as Senior Pastor in each church that I have pastored, and I have sought to lead those churches to gain a better vision of what God wanted them to do.

It has been my role to try and work with the board / elders in each church to accomplish the vision for that particular church.

I do not try to be a dictator, but instead I attempt to work with the leaders & the congregation of the church.

For instance, in one church, I was able to lead an older congregation into the modern 21st century by being able to lead them into purchasing a projector and a computer so that we could use PowerPoint in the sermons and for other things and for showing videos at appropriate times during the service.

We were the youngest members of that congregation, with an 85 year old man leading the music.

So, you can see that this church was able to move forward to some degree into a more modern ministry style.

In another church, I was able to lead the church in getting rid of their debt that they owed on property that they had bought around the church. One property we found, after a title search, they were paying for did not even belong to them. An heir of the property owner was the legal heir to that property.

I have also sought to lead deacons and boards to search out and do what is biblically correct.

Again in another church, the board wanted to raise money by going to the casinos. I reminded them that the Bible is very clear on the way that we obtain money for church purposes, and that it is by the tithes and offerings of the people, and not by using worldly means.

These are just some of the instances of leadership that I have tried to exhibit over the years to help to lead churches in doing what is biblically right and moral.

In some churches, I was not as successful as in others, but that all depends on the people that I was working with.


I would like to take the opportunity to invite you to click on the link above entitled "How to Go to Heaven."

It will explain how you can be sure you are going to heaven when you die -
and everybody dies.

The Lord is willing and waiting
for you to call on Him
to save you.

About Me

I love the Lord and
I want to serve Him
all of my days
here on this earth.

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