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My Salvation Experience

I attended church all of my life, as my parents believed in going to church and being followers of the Lord Jesus Christ.

At the age of eight (8) years of age, while attending Vacation Bible School, I went up to the front of the church to be saved and baptized.

I really did not understand what this was all about at the time, but I went up because all of my cousins and friends were going up, and they urged me to.

For ten (10) years I struggled with that decision that I had made at VBS.

It seemed like the Lord was dealing with me the whole time.

Everything that happened I related to God dealing with me about this matter.

Finally, in a revival meeting at our church in the fall at the age of eighteen (18), I went forward, not caring what anybody else thought, and received Christ as my Savior and Lord.

I was baptized again because I wanted to follow in believer’s baptism (baptism by immersion).

I was very happy and the burdens of all those years was lifted from me, as I was now experiencing the new creation that God had promised me that I would have when we trust in His dear name.



I would like to take the opportunity to invite you to click on the link above entitled "How to Go to Heaven."

It will explain how you can be sure you are going to heaven when you die -
and everybody dies.

The Lord is willing and waiting
for you to call on Him
to save you.

About Me

I love the Lord and
I want to serve Him
all of my days
here on this earth.

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