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Bob Bacle's Intro Video


Rev. Bob Bacle

I have worked in various fields over the years.

I have taught both in public and private Christian schools.

I have pastored for over 26 years in both large and small and in both full-time and bi-vocational pastorates.

I have worked on computers and networked computer systems together.

I have worked in the corporate world as a graphics designer.

My wife and I design graphics and powerpoint presentations for our church, and make movies and DVDs that we have used in our church and for friends and family.

My Family

My family consists of my wife Nancy and myself.

We are now in the empty nest time of our lives, as our children are grown and on their own.

My Main Love

My main love in all of the fields that I have worked in is the pastorate, working with people, shepherding them, and helping them to a fuller understanding of the principles of God's infallible Word. I love studying and preaching the Word of God, learning from it the truths that God has set forth for us.


I am available to go anywhere and any place that the Lord wants me to go, and I am available to come to your church upon request.


I would like to take the opportunity to invite you to click on the link above entitled "How to Go to Heaven."

It will explain how you can be sure you are going to heaven when you die -
and everybody dies.

The Lord is willing and waiting
for you to call on Him
to save you.

About Me

I love the Lord and
I want to serve Him
all of my days
here on this earth.

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